Partnering Culture

“The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts”

Collaboration is key on all of Lyons & Annoot's projects. It is our belief and our mantra that a successful project is best delivered when everyone is working in unison to achieve the best result possible. We strive to maintain strong and collaborative relationships with all of the companies that we engage with throughout the course of our works. The best results in project delivery can be achieved when all of these organisations operate harmoniously together.

In many instances, our client base; main contractors, developers and architects, work with Lyons & Annoot well in advance of contract award. Often this may be through a Pre-Construction Services Agreement (PCSA) which allows for the design to be developed and scope gaps in contracts to be reduced or eradicated, while providing assistance and advice in the early approval of materials to ensure that once a project commences on site, works can progress in line with project programmes and demands.

Lyons & Annoot operate a prequalified and approved supply chain, which is constantly reviewed. Many of these relationships have evolved in a collaborative manner leading to trading agreements in place with a number of key suppliers who support Lyons & Annoot, and in turn, the projects that we work on.

We operate with some of the country’s premier specialist trade contractors in joint venture/ partnerships arrangements. To emphasise the power of collaboration, we often engage with other trade contractors where our works are complimentary to each other’s, to provide a single point of responsibility and contact for the project in a single contract, working together to mitigate design risks and provide the best possible end product.

“Rooted in tradition – Distinguished by quality”

Working together to deliver projects on time and within budget.

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